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I'm a tech enthusiast and a programmer.
I have professional skill in php, java, python, Node.js, jQuery and database administration. I have recently completed 3 months Software Development Internship at NGCN Infosolutions Private Limited and have also done another internship in December of the last year.
I like graphics designing, reading novels, listening songs and nature photography.

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  • Currently B-Tech student at Indian Institute of Technology Patna (2016-2020)
  • Secondary Schooling (CGPA 10) at R.P.S Public School, Bihar Sharif


Skills: Database Administration, Algorithm, Data Structure, Working with API
Programming language: java, python, PHP, Node.js, SQL
Database: MySQL, mongoDB
Web Technologies: jQuery, JavaScript, express.js, Django, react.js, HTML, CSS
Other Utilities: MS-Office, Android Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Solidworks
Experience with: Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine, Amazon Web Services EC2, Git, cPanel, Heroku


  • Oxyvin Technologies (OPC) Pvt Ltd

  • Doing Internship (29th November 2018 – Currently going) Software Development Internship (In-Office) at Oxyvin.
    Working on a software for easiness of a Standard Certification providing company.

  • NGCN Infosolutions Private Limited

  • Completed 3 months (1st May 2018 – 28th July 2018) Software Development Internship (Work From Home) at NGCN. I built an ERP Software used for billing and inventory purpose during the internship.
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    Demo Link: http://demoerp.pnds.in/

  • CatchFreeDeal

  • 1 month (1st Dec 2017 - 30th Dec 2017) internship (Work From Home) at catchfreedeal.com. I worked as a Full Stack Web Developer during this internship program and developed an e-commerce website for them.
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    GitHub Repository: https://github.com/adityasuman2025/catchfreedeal
    website: www.catchfreedeal.com


  • ERP Software

  • I developed an ERP Software used for billing and inventory purpose during my Software Development Internship at NGCN.
    Programming language:PHP
    Other Technologies: CodeIgniter, fpdf, jQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS
    Demo Link: http://demoerp.pnds.in/

  • ChatApp

  • A Real-time Chatting App with super-fast and smooth messaging feature, active users display and other cool features. One can connect with users registered on the App and can send them message completely free of cost.
    Programming language: Node.js
    Database: mongoDB
    Other Technologies: express.js, jQuery, socket.io library, AJAX, Android Studio, HTML, CSS
    Web link: http://chat.mngo.in
    Android App: download

  • Calculator

  • A standard calculator which performs basic mathematical operations and all have other features of a standard calculator.
    Programming language: java
    Other Technologies:Android Studio, XML
    GitHub Repository: https://github.com/adityasuman2025/mngo_calc
    Android App: download

  • E-commerce Website

  • Designed and developed an E-commerce website during my internship at CatchFreeDeal.
    Programming language:PHP
    Other Technologies: jQuery, AJAX, bootstrap, HTML, CSS
    GitHub Repository: https://github.com/adityasuman2025/catchfreedeal
    Web link: www.catchfreedeal.com

  • WanderApp

  • A Travel Social Network with all the common features of a Social Networking Site available in the market, integrated with other travel guide and helper tools.
    Have not completed yet for production version.
    Programming language: PHP
    Database: MySQL
    Other Technologies: jQuery, AJAX, bootstrap, HTML, CSS
    GitHub Repository: https://github.com/adityasuman2025/WanderApp

  • Anwesha 2k18 Website's Front-end

  • Anwesha is the annual Techno-Cultural Festival of IIT Patna. For the year 2018, I have developed the front-end of the website.
    Technologies: jQuery, mousewheel.js, AJAX, HTML, CSS
    Web link: https://anwesha.info/

  • IITP Motorsports Website

  • The team from IIT Patna participating in SUPRA SAEINDIA. I developed a website for them.
    Programming language: PHP
    Database: MySQL
    Other Technologies: jQuery, AJAX, jquery-ui.js, jquery.bxslider.js, HTML, CSS
    GitHub Repository: https://github.com/adityasuman2025/IITP_Motorsports
    Web link: http://iitpmotorsports.in/


  • Interested in Software Development on java, python, Node.js, PHP
  • Full Stack Web Development using web technologies and frameworks
  • Solving programming based problems
  • Database administration is my special strength. Management of SQL and Non-SQL both types of databases.

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