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I'm a programmer and a computer geek.
I have professional skill in Android App & Web Application Development and Database Administration. At present i'm Engineering Intern at ISTRAC-ISRO, Bangalore in Software Development Group (SDG) Division.
My hobbies are graphics designing, reading novels, listening songs and nature photography.

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  • Bachelor Of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology Patna (IIT P), (2016 - Present) – CPI: 7.24/10
  • Senior Secondary Schooling, Magadh University, (2014 - 2016) – 70.4%
  • Secondary Schooling, CBSE, R.P.S Public School, Bihar Sharif, (2013 - 2014) – CGPA: 10/10

work experience/internships

  • Engineering Intern
    ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC), Bangalore (May 2019 – Present)
    • Woking in SDG (Software Development Group) Division of ISTRAC to develop a Mobile App for monitoring and controlling of MEOLUT. MEOLUT (Medium Earth Orbit Local User Terminal) is a part the MEOSAR (Medium Earth Orbit Search & Rescue) of the COSPAS-SARSAT System.

  • Software Developer Intern
    Oxyvin Technologies (OPC) Pvt Ltd, Bangalore (Nov 2018 – Jan 2019)
    • Created a software for a Standard Certification Providing Company, helping them in their daily task and in following the required steps for auditing and providing certificates of standardization to their clients.
    • Developed Technical, Auditor, Planning, Manage & Customer Module of the software.
    • Worked on CodeIgniter framework for MVC Pattern Application Development Concept and used technologies like JavaScript and jQuery for scripting, AJAX, Git, Bootstrap, etc
    • Database used is MySQL with phpMyAdmin administration tool.

  • Software Developer Intern
    NGCN Infosolutions Pvt Ltd, Suratkal (May 2018 – July 2018)
    • Developed an ERP Software used for Billing and Inventory purpose with facilities like Multi Branch, Multi User and can handle Inventory, Purchases, Stock, Billing, Reports, etc.
    • Programming Language used was PHP, with other technologies like jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, etc
    • Database used was MySQL with phpMyAdmin administration tool.
    • Demo: http://demoerp.pnds.in

  • Full Stack Web Developer Intern
    CatchFreeDeal, Noida (Dec 2017)

academic projects

  • Key Issue System for IIT Patna
  • Developed a Key Issue & Return App for the rooms and labs of IIT Patna based on QR Code, under pic (Professor In-charge) automation, Dr. Mayank Agrawal. Authorized person can issue any authorized key of any lab and can return the same. Records complete history of issued and returned keys with details like, issue date, issuing person's details, return date, returning person's details, etc.
    It is successfully implemented and is in use in IIT Patna.
    Programming language: Java, PHP, SQL
    Database: MySQL
    Other Technologies: Android Studio, Zxing library
    GitHub Repository: https://github.com/adityasuman2025/KeyIssue

  • Wi-Fi Based Attendance System for IIT Patna
  • Developed an attendance system App using Wi-Fi technology of smartphones. A student can mark his attendance by connecting his phone to the hotspot created by professor’s phone. It shows the complete attendance details of a student to professor and student both and also notifies student whose attendance is below 75%. This App will minimize chances of proxy and other offences to maximum extent.
    Programming language: Java, PHP, SQL
    Database: MySQL
    Other Technologies: Android Studio, Socket
    GitHub Repository: https://github.com/adityasuman2025/WifiStudentAttendance

  • QR Based Attendance System for IIT Patna
  • Developed a complete attendance system for my college. It is a QR code based Attendance System and consists of 3 android apps one for students, one for professors and one for pic class. It has proper security system to stop proxy, to prevent sharing of image of QR code, logging of multiple students on a single phone and all other possible offences. It also provides attendance details of students and courses like attendance percentage, present days, present students counter, etc.
    Programming language: Java, PHP, SQL
    Database: MySQL
    Other Technologies: Android Studio, Zxing library
    GitHub Repository: https://github.com/adityasuman2025/QRStudentAttendance

  • Calculator
  • A standard calculator which performs basic mathematical operations and have all other features of a standard calculator.
    Developed it as a semester project for course CS382 at IIT Patna, course instructor Dr. Mayank Agrawal
    Programming language: java
    Other Technologies: Android Studio, XML
    GitHub Repository: https://github.com/adityasuman2025/MNgoCalc
    Android App: download

other projects


  • JEE Main: Secured 98.97 percentile out of 12,07,058 candidates appeared in JEE Main 2016.
  • JEE Advance: Secured 94.27 percentile out of 1,55,948 candidates appeared in JEE Advance 2016.
  • All India Secondary School Examination: Scored a 10 CGPA in Secondary School Examination 2014 (Class 10) conducted by CBSE.
  • Key Issue App for IIT Patna: 2450+ keys of labs and rooms of different blocks of IIT Patna have been issued and returned till date (9 April 2019).
  • Attendance System for IIT Patna: Used by Dr. Mayank Agrawal to take attendance of 244 students enrolled in the course CS102 at IIT Patna. Currently giving demo of the App to other professors in my college.
  • Billing & Inventory ERP Software: 3000+ invoices and quotations have been generated till date (9 April 2019) using software developed by me, during my internship at NGCN.
  • Deals & Coupons Website: 1000+ deals and coupons have been posted till date on the website developed by me, during my internship at CatchFreeDeal.com.
  • Anwesha 2k18 Website: Used by 3500+ peoples to register in the biggest cultural fest of North India held at IIT Patna in 2018.

technical skills

Skills: Web Application Development, Android App Development, Database Administration, Working with API, REST API, MVC Application Development Pattern
Programming language: java, python, PHP, JavaScript, SQL
Database: MySQL, mongoDB
Framework: CodeIgniter, express.js, Django, Bootstrap
Web Technologies: jQuery, Node.js, react.js, HTML, CSS
Other Utilities: Android Studio, MS-Office, Adobe Photoshop, Solidworks
Experience with: Linux, Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine, Amazon Web Services EC2, Git, cPanel, Heroku


  • Back-end Development using web technologies and frameworks
  • Android App Development on Android Studio Platform
  • Interested in Software Development on java, python, Node.js, PHP programming language
  • Database Administration

position of responsibility

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